Picture This Qoute

The Deaf Genie

Few days ago I was listening for the umpteenth time to a friend of mine complains about losing a great amount of money in the stock market and how he intends to recover from his lost. His idea to recover was simply doing the same exact things that got him where he is now. He did not literally say that but that's what his words translate to.

Albert Einstein called this insanity, he famously said that Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Self-help guru Brain Tracy explained it as follows "Cause and Effect Law:" "Everything happens for a reason. For every cause there is an effect, and for every effect, whether you know it or not, there is a specific cause or causes. There are no accidents".

Although I wouldn't call my friend's behaviour "insanity", and I won't argue with Einstein neither but I think that when we make a mistake our pride and eagerness to succeed make us fail to reflect on what happens to us. We miss the big picture and then stop looking for the right reasons. We blame luck, other people,,, maybe everything but ourselves.

I truly believe that our outer world, except things that are out of our control, is just a REFLECTION of our inner world. Therefore, if your outer world is not full of happiness, kindness, or success as you wish then you may want to ask yourself: what have you done to make it the way you want it. Consider the following:

1- Studies have proven that people who give are happier than those who receive. This giving does not necessarily have to be money, it can be a simply act of a kindness, such as a smile. The more you smile the happier you feel. Studies have also shown that happiness and smiling goes both ways. Meaning, not only when you are happy you smile but also If you smile you will feel happier. Simply, smile to life and surely life will smile back at you.

2- In Love, Love can only be taken by being given. Only when you are a loving person that you become lovable and receive a true love in return.

3-In financial independence, money can be attained when you put your money, hard work, and time on the line and risk losing.

Therefore, if you are not getting enough, you are probably not giving enough neither. Life is like a deaf Genie, it cannot hear what you are asking but it can read a body language named Actions. When you don't get what you want, you must know that your actions lacked either direction or force, sometime even both. Step back and reflect your shortcomings. Gather your strengths and make an action that cannot be mistaken.

Finally, when you have done your best and truly you best and didn’t get what you wished. Remember that Genies give three wishes at a time.