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Changing Managing Change

Many people try in vain to change something in them, they fail and yet they repeat the same method they were using or just quit trying. When you try to change yourself, you feel that everything is conspiring against you and believe it or not, it is. Because you are a social creature and we move in groups and thus we depend a lot on our surroundings. Then to change,you must start with changing the conditions around you not yourself. If you want to lose weight then ask your spouse and\or your close friends to join you in a group diet. If you want to develop a skill, join like-minded people who are trying to develop the same skill. For example, Toastmasters clubs put speakers together to develop their public speaking skills. One reason why speed runners do not break records during practice even though they are relaxed and stress-free is that they are relaxed and stress-free, the surrounding conditions are not enough. You have to choose your comparators, your enemies and make them close and make them turn you into what your family and friends couldn’t do.

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