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You Inc.

People don’t plan to fail they just don’t plan to succeed.

If you wish to create a great business, you must start with writing a business plan. A plan that comprises of the business: vision, mission, values, mantra, logo, strategies, market and many more. It is a daunting work involving a lot of thinking, analysis, and experimentation. Although, creating  a great business will result in giving you financial independence, prestige, and social standing, you may end up unhappy about the whole experience at the end. The reason is that there is one thing that you really need to do during the process, that is creating yourself: You Inc. Work gives meaning to our life, but what if you feel that your work is useless. What happens if you spends your entire life doing something and you ultimately looks into the mirror and don’t see yourself in there. Thus, just as it is important to plan a business it is more important to plan to create yourself.

More into this later

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