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"You cannot change everyone around you but you can choose those who are around you."

Sometimes, we feel tired, our efforts are futile, and the world is just a bad place to be in. If you ever felt that way, it is because of the environment you are in not the WHOLE world. Jim Collins, Author of the best seller book “Good To Great” spoke of his method for people to find themelves by asking the following four questions:

1-     List all the things you are great at or can be great at?

2-     From the previous list, highlight the things that people will pay you to do.

3-     Then from the previous list, highlight the one you are most passionate about?

4-     Finally, choose whom you will work with or where you will do what you got from the final list.

You might be doing what you are great at and passionate about, and being paid to do it,  but you fail because you are in the wrong ecosystem. What to do if you are in a bad place varies depending on your authority level as you maybe be a decision maker, or influencer, or neither of both. The good thing is that motivation is contagious and if you start from your end you will definitely improve your environment but if you are certain that your environment will never change, then it is your responsibility to change your place even with a little loss.  It is your life, temporary losses are what stopping many people from winning big,and by that they lose themselves in the way.

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