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You Inc. II

"It pays to plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.”

In my previous blog, I talked about the importance of creating the great YOU and that you must start by writing a personal "business-like" plan.  Here how I would do it:
  1. Know thyself: this is too big to fit here, will write about it later.
  2. Vision Statement: This is your ultimate self, what would you do if you had all the time and therefore the money in the world. Usually, this would be something that will benefit humanity. For example, take Bill Gates now, I bet he is enjoying humanitarian work, facing some of the gratest challenges in the world, more than what he was doing when he was the CEO of Microsoft. To help you more, ask yourself the following question: What would you like people to remember you by? What would be your legacy?
  3. Mission: How you will reach your ultimate vision: do you need to have a degree in something? do you need to be somewhere? or work on something? Make sure they are all milestones that you can celebrate. If you need a degree and you got it, celebrate it and know why you are celebrating it. Hint: to manifest your destiny.
  4. Mantra: A short statement that you need to remember every day. If I was Steve Jobs, my mantra will be: Do what ding . If you are a doctor, yours could be: kill what kills. The only thing to remember is to make it so short and touch your soul so it is easily remembered and it can easily ignite you.
  5. Values: These are the rules that govern your actions, such as
    1. Honesty: to tell the truth
    2. Enjoy life: enjoy what you do regardless if you like it or not.
    3. Order: put things where they ought to be and let the right things have their times.
    4. etc
           Some values are already in you, just write those that you need to work on and would help you reach your great success.

Stay tunes for You Inc. III.

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